Voter Takeover Case Study

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As many of us know, union political action takes four basic forms: (1) financial support to candidates favoring union positions, (2) volunteer work by union members in campaigns, (3) endorsement of candidates and get-out-the-vote efforts, (4) and lobbying. All of the above forms are important in our cause but what I believe I should be assigned to lead the endorsement of candidates and get-out-the-vote efforts. Unions have put in a substantially increased amount of volunteer and financial resources since 1995. Voter turnouts among union households have increased, but the membership base has declined during the same period (Page 148). Unless union political advocacy simultaneously appeals to and energizes a substantial fraction of nonunion households, it is unlikely to have significant effects on electoral outcomes.
I believe that electoral outcomes can be changed. With myself as a leader we can drive the voting campaigns and sway more union members to vote more often in the primary elections. Political endorsements and get-out-the-vote campaigns are valuable to candidates. Union members vote more often in general elections than do nonmembers (or their own family members), and they vote for endorsed candidates about 15 to 20 percent more often than nonmembers do. But union members do not vote
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unions. It is a merger that was created in 1955 and includes 56 national and international labor unions that represent 12.5 million working people. The website goes in depth about what the organization is and what they do for their workers now and what they have done in the past. There are many links that you can explore about their community contributions and what is going on in society. There is even member only benefits if you are affiliated with them including credit cards, scholarships, mortgages, legal services and more. There are also jobs at the AFL-CIO not including top leadership roles which you have to be elected

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