Voter Turnout Analysis

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A general overview of the election voter turn-out in the 2014 midterm elections suggests a persistent problem in the count over the years (DelReal, 2015). Realizing the critical role of any voting process within the democratic space of individuals in the country, it has been prudent to assess some of the reasons that have hindered eligible voters from taking part in the noble course. This response explicates some of the crucial reasons as well as recommendations to raise the turnout. Firstly, the voter turnout is low because of the difficulties experienced in voting as well as bureaucratic processes that are associated with the registration process (O 'Connor, Sabato & Yanus, 2014). The existing stringent laws are created to prevent…show more content…
Fourthly, the frequency and number of elections in the US has been indicated to be twice as much compared to many western countries. With the various separate elections in multiple levels, voters may choose to skip some of them and participate in others (McDonald, 2011). Finally, the development of democracy and level of civic education have affected the number of people who cast votes (Ezrow & Xezonakis, 2014). It is prudent to postulate that some individuals lack the feeling that their individual votes can change outcomes in the elections and they therefore do not vote. The recommendations to increase the voter turn-out, the registration process should be streamlined. Indeed, efforts need to be made to incorporate same day or automatic registration for voters (Lerner, 2015). Such efforts could be backed by technology and even use online registration platforms. In addition, the voter turnout could be raised through introduction of mandatory voting guidelines. Since voting is a civic duty, the law should introduce measures to deal with eligible voters who fail to fulfill their noble responsibility to vote (Hill, 2006). Further, there should be an endeavor to make voting easy. This can be achieved through online voting platforms to replace the boring and inconvenient voting lines that lead to boredom and voter fatigue (Lerner, 2015). There should also be an improvement of civic education. Thus, the government should educate voters that their votes can change the nation’s outcome and the fact it is their responsibility as citizens (Lerner, 2015). Finally, the turnout could change if the voting day is changed. Plausible suggestions indicate that the voting day would be more convenient if not done on a Tuesday (Black, 2015). Further, this day should be made a federal and banking holiday to give time for people to

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