Voter Turnout In Texas

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Voter Turnout in Texas As stated in the prompt voter turnout in the state of Texas is amongst the lowest in the nation. Many people seem to be confused or in awe as to why Texas has such a low voting rate. The truth in reality is that there are quite a few reasons why the turnout in Texas is so low. The state of Texas has a fast growing Hispanic demographic group. When Hispanics do go out and vote they normally tend to vote democratic. Hispanics have lower voting rates than the white population does due to the Hispanic population having a lower income. Not only do they have lower income but this population itself has a higher percentage rate of young voters. As I have stated before Texas has a huge Hispanic population, which has a great…show more content…
Voters respond when they have choices between candidates, the bigger their differences the more people are likely to go out and vote. In this type of circumstance it is highly impossible for an individual to go out and vote when as an individual we have no knowledge whatsoever over politics. This in my opinion happens to be another good reason as to why voting turnout in Texas is so low. Although it may be hard to believe there are so many individuals out there who have no common knowledge on the candidates who are running in the elections, which gives them a good reason not to go out and vote. People want to go out and vote for a candidate they have much information over and know what their capabilities are, and this is very difficult for an individual who may not even know who is running in the elections or what is going on in the political…show more content…
For instance our local government decides new laws that will be passed for our towns, the places we can live, and the places we can walk, and even things like businesses that are able to be open or need to be torn down. We may not think so but our votes are also important in the state and national elections as well. These are the people we will be depending on for the next term and the individuals we will have to look up to whether we like to or not. These are the people who budget our money and the individuals we are trusting. It is very important for us to go out and vote, it impacts us as an individual. I honestly believe if we could all take the time to go out and vote that the voting percentage in Texas would increase and that it would not be as low as it is

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