Voter Turnout Issues

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There have been numerous proposals for structural changes that could increase voter turnout. Past research has addressed voter mobilization. However, the core of our motivations rests on how we care about politics and turn-out-to-vote issues. These motivations necessitate further analysis and at minimum, 90% of the registered voters should be able to vote on general and midterm elections, regardless of the election’s popularity and perceived influence. It should be noted that gubernatorial elections and the election of the House of Representatives and the Senate directly affects a citizen’s life more than the presidential election does. Therefore, people should be engaged politically on these issues. In addition, it should be noted that it is difficult to exit from the political world (Eliasoph, 1998). The so-called untrusted and ignored government touches all people.
The government should address issues hindering young people from voting appropriately. Currently, the youth have been
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The issue of separate registration process should also be minimized to make the voter registration process easier. This is because, in the US, the registration system is complicated, discouraging voters from participating in the voting process because they have to undergo various registration systems (Abrams, Iversen, & Soskice, 2005).
If the government enacted comparable laws, the American political system will benefit in various ways because such law would provide a system that are more representative of the general public. Most importantly, this law will instill a sense of civic responsibility in the American electorate, hence escalating involvement in voting among citizens (Lund, 2013). It is also suggested that government should introduce and implement compulsory voting legislation, which will instill or foster a sense of public responsibility pertaining to voting among
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