Voting Age To 16 Essay

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Imagine your 16 year old self. Would you not want to be voting in elections and make the right decisions towards politics? States in America are already lowering the age when you can vote to 16. Turn out of US voters below 25 at presidential elections fell from 50% in 1972 to 38% in 2012. The Asia-Pacific Economics Blog notes the young demographic is some of the most engaged, and by extending it to a younger age could fuel their passion for many years. The voting age should be lowered to 16 because youth will vote thoroughly, 16 is a better age to start voting, and voting will provide an intrinsic benefit to the lives of young people.
Firstly, it is best for us to lower the voting age because young adults will vote thoroughly and make the right decisions. Alternet says that young voters are likely to vote in much the same way as their parents, not because they are coerced to do so but because or shared values meaning that there will be no worries that irresponsible teenagers will make wrong choices. National
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Yet, to avoid this, we can teach them how not to be swayed at school. According to the Electoral Reform Society, they support young citizens at the age of 16 in how to vote and what decision making they should do. If teenagers get the support from authorized adults who can lead young adults to the right path through society, I believe we can trust their opinions. The Fulcrum exclaims that the Ontario Government already recognizes that 16 year olds can understand the issues and independent judges on them. From this, we can say that adults keep full eye on young adults and what kind of thinking they have towards politics so it is safe for teenagers to start voting. Therefore, 16 year olds are looked over carefully and safely supported to choose the correct answers to our
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