Voting In America

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America was a vision that was thought up by politicians, artists and dreamers. These people believed that anything could be accomplished through the mind, God, and manpower. Even through so much opposition, our brave ancestors strived to establish a better life. They aimed to secure a structured future, and praise God in their own way. Our ancestors had the courage to travel miles away from the comforts and familiarities of home by crossing unknown oceans and lands, and to set out to create a new lifestyle in a land they had never known. The drive and courage they possessed kept their hopes alive, and helped them to preserver through many struggles and create a strong nation. Their beliefs, along with their many other valuable principles, paved…show more content…
We need to address and improve the education of our government and how society conveys it. Society as a whole needs to be properly educated in all aspects of the government and voting, and should take it seriously. As a United States citizen the government affects every aspect of our lives, from health care, to school, to taxes, to homeland security. That is why it is dire that society is educated in all attributes of our nation and how it is operated. We need this knowledge in order to make our nation a better place. Voting is a way we can make our voice heard and express our opinion on our nation and how we think the government should operate. We need the citizens to be highly educated because this nation is in their hands. The citizens are the people that elect someone to office, and that can change the course of our government completely. Understanding the ballot, the candidates, and the issues in America should not be taken lightly and is essential for all United States citizens. Voting is the outlet for your voice, and with the many others in unison, it can be a opportunity to change the direction of a community, state, and even
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