Voyage Of The Mayflower Paragraph

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Voyage of the Mayflower paragraph. According to the textbook, “King Henry VIII of England broke the country’s ties with the Catholic Church and established the Church of England, an official state church under his control”. In the Early 1600s, a religious group called the Separatists called for a break with the Catholic Church. The Pilgrims were separatists. King James attacked them because they rejected England's church. To leave the harsh treatment, they fled to Holland (known for its acceptance of different opinions.) They soon became unhappy with their life so they approached the Virginia Company and asked if they could settle in America. The Company arranged for them to settle on land within its boundary on the eastern coast of Northern America. On a cold day in 1620, a ship called the Mayflower tried to arrive on the Massachusetts coast. But it was blown off course and landed in an area that John Smith had called…show more content…
10th others followed soon after. Witches have a long and elaborate history. Their forerunners appear in the Bible, in the story of King Saul consulting the so-called Witch of Endor. They also crop up in the classical era in the form of winged harpies and screech-owl-like “strixes” frightening flying creatures that fed on the flesh of babies. More than 100 people were arrested and trialed, of those 20 people were put to death, 19 prisoners were pressed by heavy stones, during this time over 200 people were put to death. The event happened around Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode island. A few of the most famous witches that were ever know were Bridget Bishop, Rebecca Nurse, Sarah Good, Elizabeth Howe, Susannah Martin, and Sarah Wildes. The Salem Witch Trials went on between February 1692 - May 1693 but by the 18th Century, though, witches were no longer considered a threat. Instead they were understood as the superstitious imaginings of

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