Vraduation Speech: The Canmore Avalanches

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We are the Canmore Avalanches. We qualified for these championships as the first team ever of Canmore to do so. Be proud! Thus, we have come together today to win the Canadian national championships, two months from now and return to our hometown as legends. My dear girls to achieve this goal, we will need to play better than we ever have. We have no choice than to play the games of our lives! We will need to completely feel our team spirit during the whole tournament. Every single one of us plays a major role and has her job to do on the field and also on the sideline. And this not just in two months when the championships take place but also now while we are preparing for this adventure. Every one of us is obliged to dedicate herself to this mission. We all need to make sacrifices. This means it is inevitable that all of us are delivering more than a hundred percent from now on. In every single practice! Believe me, I am not telling you this…show more content…
We are the Canmore Avalanches and this is Mission: Unblockable! Thus we have the will and the team spirit to overcome this obstacle. Then you will take this chance how I did a long time ago and together we are going to be successful. No matter what our obstacles are, we remain a confident team and don’t let the fear of higher ranked teams paralyze us. Why should we even fear any team? We are the Canmore Avalanches. That is not just a team name it is a definition of how we perform on the field. An avalanche stands for unimaginable strength. Thus, we are stronger than our opponents with this virtue, we are going to crush them! Indeed, no team will manage to stop us before we have reached the final, like an avalanche that cannot be stopped. On top of this, our hitters accelerate these volleyballs to an extent where our enemies are not able to dig them anymore. Girls keep in mind who we are! The Canmore Avalanches and that we are for a

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