Vrandia Woolf Feminism Novel Analysis

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MRS. DALLOWAY BY VIRGINIA WOOLF This novel written by Woolf in 1925 portrays a lot of issues, including feminism. Woolf herself was known as one of the early feminist writer. Many scholars and literary critiques still debating on the feminism issue in the story. The author herself went through traumatic experiences during her childhood, such as the loss of her mother and being sexually abused by her stepbrothers. That was why she got inspired to write about women and their strengths in order to survive in modern society. Woolf dedicated her major novels to analyze the patriarchal English society. Different types of women are portrayed in various contexts. She opened women’s eyes on their inferior status and provided them with a female tradition to rely on. She strives to provide women with the proper clues for having a meaning in life. She believed that such meaning would lead to a purpose in life, and thus it would…show more content…
Feminism is a definition for a movement that focus primarily to enhance the quality of women lives by defying the norms of society based on the dominance of male and subsequent female that implies the emancipation of women from the shackles, restrictions, norms and customs of society. It demands that women should be treated as autonomous subjects, and not as a passive object. Its aim is to achieve equality between men and women in many aspects such as moral, social, economic and political. The objective of this movement is to create a new identity for women and making them aware of their rights. The education allowed for women was possible only in a way that suited their soft-side nature such as sewing, nursing and painting. The sole qualification for women during that era was marriage and

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