Wilkerson's Theory Of Motivation

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There are several motivation theories that can conclude the behaviors for both Wilkerson and Agua. As we can see from the context above, Wilkerson and Agua tried to achieve their goals using different approaches and fortunate enough for Agua, he is succeeding. This is because we can deduce that Agua is self-actualized person. Referring to Maslow’ Hierarchy of Needs theory, self-actualized people are those were fulfilled and doing all they were capable of. The growth of self-actualization refers to the need for personal growth and discovery that is present throughout a person’s life. For Maslow, a person is always ‘becoming’ and never remains static in these terms. In self-actualization, a person come to find a meaning to life that is important…show more content…
Vroom’s expectancy theory assumed that the behavior from choices among alternatives whose purpose it is to maximize pleasure and to minimize pain. Vroom realized that an employee’s performance is based on individual factors such as personality, skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities. He stated that effort, performance, and motivation are linked in a person’s motivation. This can be related to Wilkerson’s situation as she starting to get demotivated as the semester progressed and always comparing herself with Agua. Even though she does not experiencing sex discrimination, psychologically she has been expected her salary is to be equalized as her work hours. It is also pointed out that she was feeling demotivate that the university did not value her works as highly as it valued Agua’s…show more content…
Responsibility Wilkerson have been given the opportunity to be a success of failure at her job because sufficient freedom of action has given to her. In order to achieve this, she should request the course reduction to focus more on how to improve her work performance at her workplace. This would include the ability to make changes and incorporate the learning she gain whilst doing her job. 3. Knowledge of outcomes This is important for two reasons. Firstly, it is to provide Wilkerson the knowledge on how successful their work has been, which in turn enables her to learn from mistakes. The second is to connect them emotionally to her students of the outputs, thus giving further purpose to the work. As in the context above, Wilkerson succeed in this one as one of her students thanked her for just being there for her and has helped her a lot. In conclusion, even though Agua and Wilkerson have different approaches in achieving their goals, that does not mean one cannot be achieved just because of the different method. As we can see, Wilkerson just need the correct motivation to enhance her will to work and change her actions as also she should be more alert about her department

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