Vroom's Theory Of Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction is defined as the amalgamation of emotional, physical and environmental situations due to which a person honestly comments that he/she is satisfied with their respective jobs (Hoppock, 1935). Vroom in his definition on job satisfaction focuses on the role of the employee in the workplace. According to Vroom (1964), he defined job satisfaction as positive feedbacks from the individuals towards their jobs which they are doing in present, as Vroom’s main focus is on the role of employees in the organizations. Job satisfaction basically exemplifies a mixture of optimistic or pessimistic feelings that the employees have towards their respective jobs. When an employee is working in an organization, he/she wants to satisfy their needs, wants and other positive expectations that they have with their jobs as well as with the organization. In other words job satisfaction is the degree to which expectations matches with the reality and it is closely related to the behaviors which is possessed by the employees in the organization (Davis et al., 1985). It has been distinguished that there are three gaps which are linked with employees and their job satisfaction. This contains elements that affects employees’ behaviors, consequences due to positive or negative job satisfaction and lastly how to assess and/or effect employee’s attitudes. As the researchers used behaviors and satisfaction interchangeably, comes with a certainty that job satisfaction might be an active

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