Vulnerability In Poor Countries

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“…..Women are in fact more often affected, and jeopardized, by poverty. Lacking powers of control and decision-making powers, women – once having fallen into poverty – have far fewer chances to remedy their situation….” (Rodenberg, 2004:13) Vulnerability can be defined as the exposure to hazards and shocks like poverty and earthquakes to an individual or group and being defenseless and insecure. Rahyan (2004) suggests that Chambers (1989) points out that vulnerability has two sides; external and internal. External risks are the risks that a person goes through in life like stress and shocks while internal risks occur due to lack of security or the state of being defenseless and suffering from harm or loss including physical and psychological disorders, socially dependent and economic insufficiency. Vulnerability can be caused…show more content…
It is very rare that these families have the three required meals in a day. Consequently, these children become malnutritioned and stunted. UNHCR reports that “…..In Kenya one-third of children under-5 is stunted (too short for their age), a sign of chronic malnutrition. Also, 1 in 6 children is underweight or too thin for their age...…”They further explain that slum residents exhibit the worst health indicators especially for children under 5 years. These children might be prone to many diseases and some may not be able to celebrate their firth birthday since proper nutrition is vital for growth. Malnutrition and sanitation are one of the major causes of child mortality in most developing countries. Andrews et al (2006) show that children living in poverty face a lot of problems. Orphans are more vulnerable than non orphans. These problems may be emotional due to lack of love, care and support from parents plus other material and social problems like insufficiency of food, clothing, shelter and a supportive peer group during difficult

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