Four Characteristics Of A Vulnerable Leader

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The overall goal as a leader is to inspire others to develop as much as possible, this growth happens when you are vulnerable. To encourage vulnerability, a leader has to develop trust between him and the leader, the leader build this trust by being vulnerable as well as optimistic, personable, and empathetic. These are four of the five most important character traits of being a leader. Vulnerability: The willingness to let people see you as you are. This is the hardest characteristic of a leader to embrace. By being a vulnerable leader you show that you are human; we are all a work in progress and its okay to be wrong as well as fail. Once you establish that you are human as well as everyone else it creates an environment of trust between your peers. Being vulnerable also means that you are transparent, you set standards and expectations but when they are not met you don’t punish but instead make it a lesson and teaching moment. This builds trust as well. A great example of this is Nelson Mandela. He put himself out there to do what he thought was right, he was sentenced to life in jail for it but thats when he grew the most to becoming a great leader: by making mistakes, admitting to it, and learning from them. Empathy: Caring about people instead of the outcome. When you care about people and not the outcome it makes you vulnerable.…show more content…
Visionary is the ability to see the possible as well as the path to get there. In other words the end goal and the journey to it. Elon Musk is an exemplar of someone with a vision. He has visioned things such as the tesla and found a path to get there along with the vision that he can create a SpaceX vehicle that can take you to anywhere on Earth in under an hour. As a great leader you can help your peers and yourself work towards your end goal; to inspire others to grow as much as much as possible on a path towards
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