Vulnerable Population Essay

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Vulnerable Population
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ( refers to the older adult population as those people that are 60 years-old or older and live in a community and not a long term facility, when talking about identifying vulnerable older adults. One cannot be considered helpless just because of their age, there are other factors that play into being vulnerable. A very important characteristic is having one or more chronic illnesses. In this discussion I will give my opinion on whether older adults are a vulnerable population, and I will summarize and review two articles explaining what risks they face and how to help eliminate the risks.
In my opinion, I do believe that the older adult is part of the vulnerable population because most older adults do have at least one chronic illness, they have to rely on family or the government to assist them with their medications and medical care, and most have an income that is at or below poverty level. Gerontological Nursing (Tabloski, 2014) reviews
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This article relates the number of risk factors to the increase in falls. Most falls occur in the home while the older adult is going about their activities of daily living. The home itself might have unsafe scatter rugs or too much clutter. NIH Senior Health ("Fall risk Factors," 2013) list some of the risk factors for fall as physical conditions such as weakness, unstable gait, slower reflexes, changes in vision, and unsafe foot wear like slippers. There are some simple steps to help the vulnerable older adult create a safer home environment to help reduce the risk of falls. Helping the older adult remove clutter, remove unsafe rugs, make sure there is good lighting, and have handrails in locations that they can use to hold on to. The physical changes that occur in the aging body may also benefit from occupational or physical therapy and
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