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My favourite constellation is Vulpecula, or “The Fox.” This is because foxes are my favourite animal, and I even used to have a pet fox named Sonny. They are often thought of as sly tricksters, but they also are attributed with being able to think fast and figure out solutions to even the toughest of situations. Vulpecula is a rather faint constellation that lies in the northern sky. Vulpecula has no creation story associated with it, but it is said to be a fox carrying a goose to Cerberus. It was introduced by Johannes Hevelius, and originally named Vulpecula et Anser, or “The Fox and the Goose” until the constellation was split into two separate constellations. They then were merged back together, but with the goose left out of the name.…show more content…
They were taking a stroll on one beautiful day when the girl was struck with pain in her stomach. The boy noticed far too late, and there was nothing he could do to save her. He held her in her arms as she took her final breaths. The boy was desperate to get her back, and hatched a plan to get into the Underworld. He knew he had to get past Cerberus, the three headed dog, and thought that maybe if it was brought a peace offering, he would be granted access. The grief stricken boy came across a fox and convinced it to help him. After catching a goose, they set forth on their journey to get the girl back. Fast forward and they are right in front of Cerberus. The dog barked and growled, while baring teeth and drooling from all three of its heads. The fox was brave and felt for the boy, so it trotted confidently to Cerberus and laid the goose at its paws. Cerberus did not take this as a peace offering, however, and was furious that the boy and the fox were trying to get the best of him. He went for the fox first, and was so distracted that the boy was able to slip right into the Underworld. The rest of his journey was successful, but he felt much sadness for the fox who had died for him and his lover. The Gods recognized this great deed of the fox’s, and whenever the boy looks into the night sky he sees the brave fox carrying that goose for

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