Vvu And Vmu Case Study

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There are many different institutions of higher learning located in the states capital Richmond, Virginia. Some of the top schools in Richmond are Virginia commonwealth university (VCU), Virginia Union University (VUU) and the University of Richmond. When trying to choose which of the three universities would be the better choice you must compare different variables such as the cost, the acceptance and graduation rate, and the overall population and size of the school. After researching this topic I have concluded that the best university to attend in Richmond is VCU.
The cost of education is a very important thing when looking for a university. Every institution not just within Richmond varies in the cost of attendance. Some are extremely
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VCU has a general school population of 31,163 students. The student to teacher ratio is 17 students to 1 professor. Often times though the class is 20 students to 1 professor and a teacher’s assistant. The population of VUU is 17,000 students. The student to teacher ratio at Virginia Union University is 16:1. The University of Richmond’s student population is 4,140 which Is extremely small when compared to the other universities. When comparing the student population and the student to teacher ratio, the University of Richmond has smaller more personal classes while VCU and VUU have rather normal sometimes large classes. This is a very important thing to take into consideration when looking for a university to attend because some students prefer one on one time with their professors, while other students don’t like to stand out and feel they would fit in better in a classroom setting that is rather…show more content…
VCU has an acceptance rate of 64% and the graduation rate for the university is 56.1%. Virginia Union University is quite different when compared to VCU. VUU has an acceptance rate of 73% and the graduation rate is 30.5% which is extremely low. The University of Richmond has a lower acceptance rate than the two previous schools with 31% of their students accepted, yet their graduation rate is the highest of all schools with 82.8% of their students graduating. The acceptance and graduation rate is important when deciding which Richmond University is the best fit because it gives you an idea of how any of their students graduate on time with their projected
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