Piaget Zone Of Proximal Development Essay

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There are various learning processes which a teacher can adopt and it solely depends on the children’s learning mode preferences present in the classroom. If the various learning activities are used whilst bearing in mind the children’s strengths and needs, each single child can reach his full potential and benefitting from each learning activity.
Many theories struck me during the lectures amongst which Piaget’s and Vygostky’s theories. Mainly, they have struck me most because I can relate to them. The theories of Piaget’s Stages of Development and Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development are very relevant to my pedagogy and teaching strategies adopted in my Year 1 classroom.
From Piaget’s theory, three educational principles can be derived which have an impact on the
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By presenting ready-made knowledge the children will not gain any skills but if the teachers create the right opportunities for the children to learn like for example providing a wide variety of materials designed to promote exploration, the children will benefit much more. In my class, the 5 year olds can use dress-up activities to play role-plays in small groups to provide the opportunity to extract a situation from a stroy book to further build knowledge whilst taking perspective roles to enhance their learning. This also coincides with Vygotsky’s theory where he argued that “play, in particular the creation of imagery situations plays a central role in cognitive development” because “joint pretend play requires recognition of the ‘rules of the game’ and aids self-regulation, as children have to play by the rules” . In addition, I also use Art as a form of expression where for instance I asked my students to draw a flower with roots, a stem and leaves to show me their understanding of a concept covered in the Science
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