Vygotsky: Personal Narrative Analysis

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According to Vygotsky, he believed that part of the creative process was being aware of one’s and other’s personal experience and how that makes a person feel. Then, when art captures that emotion it does not mean that emotion for the artist will automatically be experienced by all, but everyone internalizes it based on their own personal experiences, feelings and where they are from. Then externalization comes from taking an internalization and making sense of it by taking a look at feelings, thoughts, images, symbols, etc. as they come together to create something. An example I have to represent this is when I was in the process of trying to choreograph my first dance for my senior showcase piece. The internalization I experienced was the…show more content…
This is because due to the flood, it influenced his community, he does not have a sense of “home,” and he most likely feels unstable and a loss of protection. A strength-based approach to therapy is highlighting a person’s strengths to help them be resilient and overcome hardships in their life. Two characteristics of resilience that the therapist may which to focus on is optimism and flexibility. Being able to be optimistic will give Kevin the opportunity to think ahead and not get down on himself for his present situation. It is important to take time to grieve and process, but then have the ability to think hopefully for what is to come. A therapist could help him with optimism through using art as a way for him to plan out his next steps, possible new opportunities he may encounter, and how to make the most out of his situation. Flexibility is another characteristic the therapist may wish to explore to give Kevin different coping tools to help him be able to adapt to new situations. Because of the flood, there is a great deal of uncertainty he may have to face and things may not always go according to plan. Being able to be flexible and know how to make the most out of each situation will allow him to think creatively about different obstacles he may encounter. This can be achieved through different creative art therapy
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