W. E. B Dubois Propaganda Of History

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In the fallowing assessment you will learn about three articles dealing with racism. Document one was written by W.E.B. Dubois in 1935 during the Great Depression the overall main idea of the document is to show how propaganda is used to manipulate history in the exert of Dubois book titled: The Propaganda of History we read about how propaganda effects the African Americans. Document two was written by Richard Wright in 1937during the Great depression the overall main idea of the document is that slavery and the Jim Crow Laws was unethical in the exert of Wright’s autobiographical sketch titled: The Ethics of Living Jim Crow we read about how Wright and many other African Americans were treated because of the Jim Crow Laws. Document three…show more content…
I believe after reading these documents that propaganda, the Jim Crow Laws and the attempts at the extraction of the African Americans only worsened racism.
W.E.B. Dubois approaches race by utilizing the misused and misinterpreted tool of propaganda that was used in history to look at only the negativity of the African Americans. Dubois also uses slavery as an approach aswhell. Dubois dose not believe this bout the African Americans, but this is how it is approached by the history book writers in 1935, “1. All Negros were ignorant. 2. All Negros were lazy, dishonest and extravagant. 3. Negros were responsible for the bad government during reconstruction.” Dubois said, “It is propaganda like this that has led men in the past to insist that history is “lies agreed upon”; and to point out the danger in such misinformation. It is indeed extremely doubtful if any permanent benefit
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The southerners wanted to keep the African American for economic reasons, but the northerners wanted them to go back to Africa because their population was too great, but they all agreed on this, “Therefore, the dominant American valuation is that the Negro should be eliminated from the American scene, but slowly.” It was to be done slowly as not to hurt the economy. Myrdal shows him time period in the fallowing quotes, “Many white Southerners have opposed all "back-to-Africa" or "forty-ninth State" movements, which would eliminate Negroes from their midst. When Negroes began to migrate northward in great numbers during the First World War, many white Southerners made strenuous efforts to stop them: propaganda was distributed; threats were made; Negro leaders were bribed; favors were bestowed; Northern labor agents were prohibited, fined or beaten up.” These quotes are saying that southerners tried to stop the evacuation and tried to keep them from going north. This quote is just a statistic from the time, “With the decline of the cotton economy...the valuation is not so strong now as in 1917-1918.” This showed their economy would tank and the only people that were fine with letting the African Americans go were the rich southerners because they thought the poor whites could be exploited in much the same
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