W. E. B Dubois Research Paper

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W.E.B Dubois famously stated, “ Awful as race, prejudice, lawlessness and ignorance are, we can fight time if we frankly face them and dare name them; and tell the truth; but if we continually dodge and cloud the issue, and say the half-truth because the whole stings and shames; If we do this, we invite catastrophe. Let us then in all charity but unflinching firmness set our faces against all statesmanship that looks as such. I find W.E.B Dubois thoughts to be true based on my upbringings and the lessons that I have been taught in school. Last week I attended the 1619 Conference in McGrew Towers about this particular year, 1619, which establish African American place in America. The 1619: The Making of America conference exemplifies what W.E.B Dubois stated by telling the truth and not clouding the issue. It is pivotal that African Americans know their history and how our country evolved. To begin, the 1619 Conference documents the first year Africans were brought to North America as slaves. It further explores how slavery continue to impact the United States. The program began with one…show more content…
It would later be known in 1640 as the House of Burgess. We also talked about the change in how the English related to the Indian population. They began a series of war with each other. It didn’t officially start until 1622. The Native Americans were fighting for control and their land. They were unsuccessful and defeated. Next, we would see the arrival of large numbers of English women into the colony that would begin to form the foundation of English America. To sum up, the primary host Dr. Alexander and Mr. Patrick discussed the various upcoming sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction of the 1619 conference. It was very enlightening and informative. It is quite a sight to see so many African American intellectuals gathered in one room . There were round table open discussion and many
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