W. E. Dubois: A Brief Biography

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Dubois leaving his stamp W.E. DuBois was a great inspirational leader during the 20th century DuBois broke a lot of the stereotypical barriers of racial issue. Becoming the first African American male to graduate and receive his PhD from a prestigious school of Harvard. Being a leading activist and a founding father in National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He allowed the world to his knowledge, experience, and failures but it’s these monumental events that has landed him a spot in America’s long- lasting history. William Edward Burghardt DuBois was born on February 23, 1868 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts .DuBois grew up only knowing the influence of his mother, he didn’t have much of a father around being that his father passed away when he was younger. To help his mother he worked in a factory after school to bring in extra income. Despite working he maintained high grades and remained top of his class and also found time to publish his first story in the community newspaper. When DuBois turned 15 he become the first African American to graduate from Great Barrington High. DuBois started his path of greatness at young and continued it when he attended Frisk University in Nashville. Tennessee on a partial scholarship.…show more content…
He joined hate groups against the problems of racism and used his knowledge to the best of his abilities. DuBois taught classes published book, and papers exploring and confronting southern society hoping to bring change through social science. In the mist of racial problems DuBois found love and married Nina Gomer. The couple had two kids Yolande and Burghardt, their son past at away at the age of three and DuBois grieved. His sadness and anger of his son’s death allowed his to express himself by writing "The Souls of Black Folk" many stating that it was his best work at the
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