W. F. Harvey's Use Of Suspense In 'August Heat'

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How does W.F. Harvey create suspense in “August Heat”? In the story August Heat by W.F. Harvey suspense was used throughout the story to give the reader the ability to ask questions and once the reader goes on with the story he/she gets the answer. In better ways Harvey gives off suspense throughout the story and gives the reader a reason to keep reading to find out what is going to happen next. “Suspense is the uncertainty or anxiety you feel about what will happen next.”(Source 1, p.90) Suspense is a great way to get any person to keep on reading the writing piece or keep watching the film. Along with suspense W.F. Harvey uses foreshadowing suggesting that the main character has something coming he or her way. In August Heat Harvey begins with holding in information from the reader and then goes onto using foreshadowing until the suspense is finally gone. From the very beginning of the story actions are already being done from the main character that seem very odd like. It goes on from saying he was cooking himself a great breakfast to out of nowhere having creative thoughts on a portrait of a guy he didn't know. “It showed a criminal in the dock immediately after…show more content…
From the foreshadowing of Atkinson stating ghosts he was saying that because he knew right when he saw James drawing that he was a ghost. Also Atkinson was able to get James name, birth date and death because he was the one who caused him to die. Also I think James was able to experience the moment of his death because he still had his subconscious in which only should him the last moment he had. I was able to conclude all of this because of the little information and foreshadowing throughout the story that created suspense that lead to the reason why James was able to draw the picture of
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