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The character’s in my book are very asociated with power and where they stand in the Empire. All these character’s have different levels of power. For example some of these characters that come to mind. Laia has the least power is a past slave scholar which isn’t very high in rank. Then Elias was a former mask who is now a “traitor” of the Empire. Then the commandant is the trainor and “ruler” in a way of blackcliff (but seems to have more power than Helene even though she doesn’t). Then Helene is was a former mask and is now the “blood strike” which is the second in command in the empire. Then Marcus who was a mask with Helene and Elias and is now the Emperor. Laia responds to power by submiting to it she has many instances where she has submited to power because of fear and the knowlege that she can’t do it even though later she becomes less like this and instead fights against the power that is tried to inflict on her becasue of the impact on her family life. For example, when her darin was sent to kauf prison, “‘Laia! Run!’ Why did I listen to him? I should have stayed. I should have done something … He’ll wonder how his sister could have left him ……show more content…
For example during her interigation, “My lungs stain and burn. Elias escaping. Elias free. I drown, die. Elias escaping. Elias free.”(A torch against the night by Sabaa Tahir pg. 31) She is strong and didn’t die and was rewarded with becoming “blood Strike” but in all she is doing it all for Elias, not for herself and the want of power. She is fighting the power of the commandant and Emperor so that she can be with Elias, not like Elias who just wants to

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