W2 Reflection

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In my W2, the changes I made in my diet was to incorporate more vegetables and fruits. These not only provide fiber, which I was deficient in my WB1 but also different minerals and vitamins for a healthy diet. I also, added whole grains to my consumption of bread and pasta since I usually only ate regular white bread. Two major enriched fiber foods that I added in my perfect 3 days was beans and sweet potato which helped me overcome the deficiency of my WB1. To meet my goal of protein I had to add avocado, egg, cucumber, broccoli, liver, and raisins, all of these are high in protein which made me had more energy throughout my day. By adding fish such as tuna and salmon I overcame my deficiencies in n-6 and n-3 and made me understand the importance of healthy eating. By following the diet plan in W2, I was able to overcome deficiencies in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. I overcame these deficiencies with avocado, sweet potato, nuts, egg, milk, vegetables, and fruits. In my original 3-day diet, I was deficient in Potassium. To fix this deficiency, I added bananas, spinach, potato, beans, and broccoli, which are sources of potassium, to my perfect 3-day diet. Excesses can be harmful to your health, but being deficient is even worst. Viewing my original 3-day diet, found in WB1, I…show more content…
For lower blood pressure keeping a daily intake of 1,500mg. Also, to help reduce blood pressure there are 3 minerals recommended by D.A.S.H Potassium 4,700mg, Calcium 1,2500mg, and Magnesium 500mg. My top 5 food sources for these 3 minerals are as follow; For Calcium I had chia seeds, fat free yogurt, scrambled eggs, avocado, and pecans. My intake on Potassium was avocado, orange juice, banana, spaghetti with sauce, and Pecans. Lastly, the food sources for Magnesium were avocado, chia seeds, pecans, brown rice, and

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