WCU Community Creed

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During my second semester at Western Carolina University I violated the WCU Alcohol and Drug Policy. I chose to consume alcohol without being the legal age of twenty - one. In my past, I have had many good decisions and also many bad ones. From the bad decisions I have made I think to myself “What can I do different next time?” or “What can I learn from this mistake?” For my punishment I am writing an essay on the importance of the policy I violated, the lessons I learned from the incident and how I plan to live by the valued of the WCU Community Creed. I will explain each paragraph thoroughly and go into depth about the importance of learning from my mistakes and what I can do to follow the WCU community creed. The importance of the policy…show more content…
I will explain how I plan to live by each value. The first value says “I will live by high standards of personal integrity.” In doing so, I will have very strong morals and to be honest to myself and others of the WCU community. I will stand against things I believe are not morally right for me. I will choose a better group of peers and not be influenced to do anything I do not believe is right. I will refrain from any trouble and focus on school work. The second value says “I will embrace my responsibilities as a member of this community.” I will live by this value by growing up and taking responsibility for my actions. I will ensure that I am doing everything in my power to show that I am taking responsibility for my actions. No matter how the incident occurred I still broke the law and that was not acceptable. The third value says “I will respect the rights and well-being of others.” I will make sure that I am not putting others in my community in danger and that I will respect others opinions no matter what they believe in. The fourth value says, “I will engage myself in the artistic, cultural and academic life of my University.” I will engage in the community as much as possible. I will make new friends and explore new activities in the community. I will engage in more groups and try to get more involved. The fifth value says “I will celebrate and express pride in Western Carolina University.” I will take pride in being a member of Western Carolina and being a catamount. I will ensure that I celebrate and express my pride in
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