WISC-Iv Self Assessment

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A self-assessment is not an easy task; a person needs a lot of insight to do it. However, my partner’s suggestions and positive criticisms helped me to have better judgment about my performance on the WISC-V (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition) administration. Many aspects involve the administration of the WISC-V, and it requires training and practice to avoid mistakes during the administration that are likely to trigger errors in the children’s responses or even errors in the scoring. I was familiar with the administration of the WISC-IV, and this facilitated a little the manipulation of the kit. However, there are considerable differences in the content of these two versions, for example in the WISC-V there…show more content…
I must practice the verbal instructions to avoid misunderstandings that can affect the performance of the student or even spoiled the subtest. According to my classmate 's report, my strengths include the ability to easily establish empathy with the child, my ability to manipulate the manuals, and the blocks. My classmate also identified that I followed the directions as instructed in the manual and the protocol. I always used the starting point according to the age, timed the items when necessary, and query both, when it is automatic and when the child 's response is vague. My classmate realized that I was not becoming aware of the child 's behavior and suggested me to be more attentive to these manifestations that may be important for both, the administration and the interpretation of the test. She also suggested that the environment should be more quite. We performed the test in the child 's house, and it was not possible to have his older brother turn down the volume of the music he was listening to, we could listen to the music from the place where we were working, and this could have influenced the performance in the subtests where the child had to maintain his attention and
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