WRTG 101 Reflective Essay

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I selected WRTG 101 because it was a required class towards my undergraduate degree. This is a class that I should have taken earlier in my pursuit of my degree; it would have been extremely beneficial to me with my writing assignments for other classes. Being a student of WRTG 101 employs me to use my critical thinking skills in conjunction to my writing skills. Prior to taking this class, I thought that my writing skills were above average; however this class has provided instruction and feedback that I needed improvement in several areas. Each Monday, I would log onto UMUC.com to read the Course Content/Alerts to see what the status of my progress. An example is: the number of unread discussion posts, one assignment with unread feedback and one quiz or exam not attempted. The next section that I look at t=is the Content page which provides me with the coming week’s assignments. I copy and paste this in an email to myself, so that I have a frame of reference to check throughout the week when I am not able to log into UMUC. This section was very beneficial to me because it allows me to or automatically checks off the assignments that I have completed or read. The assignments consisted of reading, tutorials, Comfit, and the required writing assignment for…show more content…
If I found a subject to be very challenging for me, I could watch and listen to the video while making notes. If necessary, I would listen to the audio while I was preparing a meal, loading the dishwasher or anything else that required my moving away from my laptop. It is effective as listening to audio books and although I am a visual person, this proved to be very effective. There is research or discussion about the use of tutorials and if this form of learning is effective. “According to several pieces of research, tutorials actually are helpful in teaching.” (Roys,

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