WW1 And Ww2 Similarities

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WW1 and 2 is all based of disagreements and impulsive decisions. This leads off into wars and when there's war, there's guns. Guns are a weapons used by humanity to fight wars or against something. There are a shaped metal that is meant to shoot projectiles typically at an organism to end a problem it's causing. Guns were big in these two wars because they were the main weapon in the arsenal of every country. They showed the fear in people and showed power from each leader. Guns are the beginning to WW1 and WW2, it's also the end to them. World War 1 In WW1, guns were of new age to countries. Guns were the weapon of choice used to win wars. Small arms were very important to many countries such as Italy. Italy was important because they created…show more content…
Though the one similarity is that the process to make the gun was the same. The equipment were all the same such as the machine press. This made machine was able to bend metal in the form of the ideal structure needed. The second similarity, is how the materials needed to from the weapon is the same. Most guns in WW1 were metal just as WW2 and the rest of the guns was made using wood. There are many more differences in weapons from WW1 to WW2. Such as the machine guns. Machine guns in WW1 was a two person job. One person would fire the 400 round gun and the other would cool it down with a water jacket. In WW2 machine guns became a one person job. The gun was made to shoot only 250 rounds so that when reloading it can give time to the weapon to cool down. This gives more soldiers to use rather than being a man who cools down machine guns. This made a large improvement because now there were even more numbers being used to go on the offensive or the defensive position. The last difference in guns is the new type of gun called the sub machine guns. This gun was one of the most effective guns in both wars. The Sub machine guns in WW1 can hold 32 rounds in one magazine and can be given another sized drum containment. That containment can hold 60 rounds worth of rounds. In WW2, the SMG’s got even better. They were made with materials more lightweight than metal such as wood and they were made to shoot at a faster rate. The SMG’s in WW2 can contain 32 rounds without any extension in bullet containment. When a drum was attached to the gun it was able to hold 100

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