WWII Argumentative Essay

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On December 7th, 1941 the Japanese attacked the US navy based at Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt went before Congress and asked Congress to declare war on Japan. Congress did. The US wanted to stay out of the war to repair internal issues stemming from the Great Depression. Our economic structure was just getting back on its feet and our military had been down-sized due to funding and a popular (voter) distaste for war after the horrors of WWI. FDR lend lease act allow the U.S to produce weapon to assist allied. The postponed American contribution (as far as immediate military association, not subsidizing to our partners) was a colossal misstep. Our mechanical complex was intended for a peace time economy when the USA 's entrance into the war was inexorable. Assets for building the military 's gear were not quickly accessible. Regardless…show more content…
I feel that dropping the atomic bombs on Japan was absolutely not justified nor necessary. Japan was begging to surrender. It was unethical, immoral and inhuman to use such weapons, especially against innocent civilians. Truman was unwilling to accept anything except unconditional surrender. Why hadn 't Truman considered the Japanese 's one provision? Who knows...All I know is Truman was evil and the dropping of the atomic bombs was absolutely unnecessary (especially since Truman left the emperor alive anyway) In my opinion WWII was even worse for the US economy. The country was committing enormous amounts of manpower and resources into the effort of destruction building bombers, tanks, and guns. Not transportation, buildings, or appliances that really did improve people’s lives. The private economy was doing horrible during the war. What eventually happened was FDR died and the post war crash catapulted anti-progressive politicians into office. Much of the New Deal was repealed during the war to shore up production and even more so after the war. This left the economy open to grow and brought about the post-war boom of the

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