World War 2 Propaganda Research Paper

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Riley Hennigan
Ms. Taylor
Language Arts/Social Studies
March 11 2015
WWII Propaganda
Propaganda is a form of art used to persuade peoples thoughts. This art can take the form of posters, newsletters, or other types of print material. During World War Two countries used propaganda for many different reasons. Most countries used propaganda for the same reasons, but some countries had their own objectives when using propaganda. Some countries would use propaganda to make their citizens more confident and have more pride. Other countries would use propaganda to recruit soldiers or make their soldiers more confident. One country used propaganda to justify what it was doing.(Lindgren 18)
Some propaganda would try to make citizens look at the enemies
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Propaganda posters would have messages like “You can make a difference”. When the war was more personal people felt more obligated to make a difference. Propaganda posters would also say things like “The soldiers are counting on you”. Making the war personal was a way of getting citizens to support the war.(Propaganda)
German propaganda was more focused on making them seem less evil. German propaganda tried to justify what they were doing. Since Germans were killing many Jewish people they tried to make that seem right in their propaganda. German propaganda tried to make German citizens agree with what they were doing. Most propaganda would have reasons as to why it is the Jews fault for the German economic problems.
German propaganda made propaganda seem more evil. People thought of propaganda as evil because of Germany. German propaganda compared its armies to Britain’s armies.German propaganda tried to justify what they were doing and it tried to make people think it had a stronger army than Britain. German propaganda made propaganda seem evil because it tried to justify really horrible things that germany was
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Japanese propaganda was very similar to American propaganda. British propaganda was like American and Japanese propaganda. British propaganda tried to make their citizens have more pride and have more confidence. Britain thought that propaganda had to boost morale. British propaganda wanted the soldiers to not be sad.
British propaganda tried to keep their citizens and soldiers happy. Britain thought that if they kept their soldiers and citizens happy then their citizens would support the war more and the soldiers would put more effort in fighting in the war. British propaganda tried to make their soldiers have faith. Britain wanted to make sure their soldiers believed that they would win the war.
In conclusion, there are many different reasons countries used propaganda, but overall it was used to help the country usually during war. Propaganda helped to motivate citizens. Some propaganda was used by a country’s government to help gain support from their people, some tried to get people to look at the enemy differently and some was to justify the bad things they were

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