Wabash County Jail Analysis

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The Wabash County Jail was built in 1979, and is meant to hold 72 people at maximum capacity. The Miami County Jail was built in 2009, and is meant to hold 240 at maximum capacity. These two jails being significantly different in setup, their security, and their cells will be discussed in this paper. Their differences are due mainly to the time period they were built in, and the funding dedicated to the jail. Firstly, I will discuss their set ups. The Miami County Jail (MCJ) was built on a setup nicknamed the “pod” setup. This setup is where personnel will sit in a control room with all cells in sight, with every block in sight. This keeps it less hands-on with the inmates, creating a safer environment for the correction officers.…show more content…
While they both can get the job done, they differ greatly in just how secure they really are. The WCJ is old, and things are breaking in there. Their locks’ are not functioning right, some completely broken, and their jail is above their capacity. They house more inmates than they should, creating a security issue. The MCJ is new due to its recent construction, and everything in it is up to date. All of their technology and inner workings are not broken, and are running very smoothly. You can tell the WCJ is in bad condition when one of the isolation cells is locked using 3 handcuffs because the lock is broken. At the MCJ, you don’t see any of those problems. Another security problem with the WCJ is the size of their hallways and walkways. They are barely big enough for one man. That’s a major security issue that is potentially dangerous as well. In addition, the WCJ had one key from what I saw, that fit all the locks in the main jail. That poses a major issue. During our tour, Sherriff Land also allowed us to enter the evidence room, which any one of us could’ve tampered with evidence, moved the evidence, or even stolen evidence, with no evidence to prove that we did it. On top of this, to prove that WCJ has terrible security, there has been more than one escapes of their jail, in which the MCJ hasn’t had
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