Wacky Day: Personal Narrative

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Wacky Day The day started like an other day in the minecraft world. My dad and I were outside with our iron and diamond pickaxes and diamond swords for just in cease we found monsters. Then we went to the secret mine, when we got down there we started mining dirt then we found the obsidian blocks. Then we had an idea then we got our diamond pickaxes out and mined the obsidian blocks and we went back home to get the flint and steel. Then we build the nether portal and used the flint and steel on it then it turned into a portal. this is the portal we came in. Then we jumped into the portal together. While we 're going to the nether our bodies get switched. Then when we looked at each other we screamed and ran around and pulled our diamond swords and slain monsters. Then we came together and tried to figure out what had happened to us when we got here.…show more content…
We had an idea, but first we had to find the portal. Five minutes later….. We found the portal then we done the idea we jumped in the portal together again and then when we got back everything went back to normal and we never told anyone about what happened on that day we called it Wacky
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