Wade And Art3mis Relationship Analysis

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In chapter 17 you find out that Wade and Art3mis develop a love relationship with each other. While this is going on Wade and Aech friendship is growing apart. Aech helps Wade (Parzival) find the Jade Key by telling him where it’s at. Towards the end of chapter 27, Wade goes through the Second Gate and is trying to beat the sixers to the Third Gate. I thought it’s interesting that the author has Wade and Art3mis develop a relationship where they both have crushes on each other even though they never met in person before. This just shows that OASIS can help people find someone they actually love and care about. At first I was still struggling to read these chapters, but once I read one, the rest of them were easily to get excited about.…show more content…
You find out that Art3mis is a woman and she can tell what gender Wade is. She comes out saying that she is getting nothing but boy-vibes from him. Saturday Night Live (SNL) did a skit of Art3mis and Wade because they were the top two gunters on the scoreboard. They had Art3mis as a male when she is really a female. Gender role plays a part in this game because everyone believes that males should be the dominate people in this game. Right away you can see that Wade and Art3mis has a Johari Window going on between each other. Art3mis shows a side of her online that is different offline. Wade is afraid that Art3mis sex is different than what she is telling him. Also, right away Wade tells her that he has a crush on her, so that was something that was blind moved to the open category/window. They go back and forth revealing things about each other. You can say that Wade and Art3mis have started social penetration theory. They start asking each other basic questions like how old they are, if they are still in school, etc. They actually start playing a game where they ask each other questions. They both do not have parents and were raised by a family member. Wade starts to ask about her hair color and what color of her eyes are. I would say that these two adult-teengers are asking some personal questions that not a lot of people online do not know about. They both tell each other what age they are and Art3mis tells what she is studying in college. At the end of chapter 17 they find out about each other more than they did at the start of the chapter. It seems like this how their culture is when it comes to committing with each
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