Swot Analysis For Waffle Tacos

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Waffle Tacos Idea Proposal Product Description Our group’s proposal is to sell the one of a kind waffle taco to St Theresa of Lisieux. This extraordinary product is sure to please people of all ages and genders. We start with a soft, moist warm and delicious waffle. These waffles will be slightly larger than average because we will need to fit the contents of a taco inside it, but it will still contain the classic square grid imprint. Once we have made the waffle base we will add our organic Angus ground beef just to make it that much better. We will also include a good quality sharp cheddar cheese, but to make it more appealing to the different tastes of the buyers we will have the option of either a slice of cheese or grated cheese if that…show more content…
We will need to acquire the original recipe thick and fluffy waffles because they are a little thicker and a little bigger than the original Eggo, so that will make it a lot easier to fit the contents of our tacos inside it. We will also have ready sliced and grated cheese that we would prepare a day before the fair to minimize preparation time. The Angus ground beef and maple bacon will also be prepared and sliced a day before and then warmed up with a microwave to minimize preparation time. Once we have all the ready ingredients, we simply take the waffle base, put the amount of meat that the buyer wants (there will be a limit to how much of the ingredients…show more content…
The cutlery we will need include is a cooking knife and in case the buyers get a little messy we will include a plastic fork and a Styrofoam plate with their purchase along with some napkins. For the microwave, a group member has a mini one and can bring that in for the fair and that will greatly help minimize preparation time because we would just heat up the meats that we would have cooked the day before. All products will be bought at grocery stores and a parent knows some managers at Longo’s, so business will be negotiated with them for donations or deals to minimize overall

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