Wag The Dog Film Analysis

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Barry Levinson’s 1997 film, Wag The Dog, demonstrates to what length the government will go to in order to be reelected, even if it means war, through mockery. This film does not hold back when it comes to ridiculing key figures and groups. The director expresses his view by using a representative of the president, a Hollywood producer and a spin doctor to expose the tactics used by governments, and influential organisations. Levinson targets especially the government and mocks the steps members of the government are willing to take to win an election. In addition, the media is gone because it is contaminated easily as Wellers Hollywood's extravagant ways. Furthermore the film highlights how naïve members of society can be. This well renowned movie, does not desist in scorning each and every individual of American society.

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In Wag The Dog, The media is often found running after stories, inconsiderate of whether the story is even true or a scandal. Often the media do not care “if it's true...If it's a story and it breaks, they're run with it.” Often to show the end result for each of the government’s plan, the audience see the effect via a live telecast or news report on a television. This filming technique helps to show how easily the media is influenced by the government and other major companies. The film then goes on to ridicule hollywood, as “there is no business like it.” One gets to choose each and every detail, right down to the type of kitten used in a terrorist scene. The is shows how lush, gaudy and medaling the life of a hollywood correspondent can be. The writers of the film, purposely mock hollywood through Stanley Motts as he is a producer who “(wants) the credit.” He is willing to “play with his life” just to be recognised. Yet in the end he falls in his own greed, and is left with neither the fame or his
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