Wage Gap Among Women

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The gender wage gap is outrageous. That gap is still significantly large in America, despite efforts that have been going on for decades to eliminate it. Women simply receive substantially less than men in this country. They are being discriminated against, and there is so much evidence to prove this. We cannot let them dismiss the evidence any longer. It is time to face the facts and find solutions for this epidemic. To obtain a better grasp of the severity of the gender wage gap, it is important to understand the data. Per the textbook, out of full-time, year-round workers in 2010, the gender wage gap was 77 percent. This number is found by dividing women’s annual income by men’s. Various other ways of measuring the gap exist, but they are…show more content…
When analyzing the intersections, it is clear the women of color face even more intense discrimination. Per the textbook, the wage gap for African-American women is 67.5 percent, Latinas: 58 percent, Asian-American: 90 percent. These figures are startling. As this is often the case, sadly, minority women are being taken advantage of the most. They face this further devastation for similar reasons, just on a new level. Racism is still prevalent in the country, and many people are being filled with racist biases without even knowing it. The media, religion, society, and other culprits have constructed a racist environment where people of color are victims of prejudice. When this intersects with sexism, women of color tend to face a multitude problems that the rest of the country does not, and it is not their fault at all. The gender wage gap is clearly a pressing issue. One concept that can potentially solve this problem is comparable worth, or pay equity. This is a simple, bias-free tool used to determine how much a worker should make, based off experience, qualifications, skills, etc. If this concept were legally mandated, businesses would be forced to pay women what they deserve. This intuitive program could help to finally close the gender wage gap. Women do not need to be victims of oppression in the workplace any longer; it is time to embrace solutions like this and fight for

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