Self-Destruction In Kafka's The Hunger Artist

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A famous writer once said, “Waiting for death, is life.” People live each day as they are here for forever but, they forget that this is just a part of their journey and the final destination is “Death”. Over the years, people grow and learn from other people, they go through a process of self-development and changes that makes them in to a person; they want to be. But sometimes taking control of things is hard. It makes them overcome a lot of hardships yet some lack the ability to interpret from right and wrong. Self-denial and self-destruction happens when people think they have lost control around them. It can be defined as “The voluntary destruction of something by itself.” A man with self-destruction feels that something in a general sense…show more content…
"A Hunger Artist" is one of Kafka 's best works and a standout amongst the most intense and passionate made short stories ever composed. It was initially published in the periodical Die Neue Rundschau in 1922. "A Hunger Artist" investigates the natural Kafka topics of death, craftsmanship, isolation, religious austerity, pride, uselessness, individual disappointment, and the misconception of human relations. A few critics agreed that it is one of Kafka 's most self-portraying works, a condition acutely felt by Kafka himself. So it goes, The hunger artists act tours the cities of Europe, where crowds come to view his cage day and night. (That 's right – he hangs out in a cage, wearing a black leotard.) During his act, he starves himself for forty days. Then, in an amphitheater filled with spectators, he leaves his cage and eats his first meal in over a month.Suddenly, the hunger artist is no longer popular. He and his manager tour Europe, looking for an audience, but they just can 't find anybody to watch. The hunger artist fires his manager and signs on as an act in a large circus.At the circus, the hunger artist is just a sideshow. His cage is placed in between the main circus and the animal menagerie, which sounds rather embarrassing. Circus-goers stream past his cage on the way to the menagerie of exotic animals, and they barely notice his existence. Overlooked and forgotten, the hunger artist continues to starve.One day, the circus supervisor actually notices the hunger artist 's cage. After poking around in the straw, he discovers the hunger artist, barely alive. Before dying, the hunger artist murmurs his last words into the supervisor 's ear.The circus workers bury the hunger artist with his straw. They move a panther into his cage, which really pleases the
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