Waiting For Superman Reflection

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TITLE PAGE Introduction Our education system in America is not perfect. There is no perfect education system that exists or will exist. All we can hope to do is maximize the learning experience for students so that they may be able to better perform and grasp academics that can contribute exponentially in society. Our traditional system of education is failing us, as we look at the aftermath of what was the No Child Left Behind act, we can see that we 've fallen further behind in academic achievement in the world and even further within our nation. Like many other evolving aspects of society, we need to see an evolution in the classroom. However, evolution does not occur overnight, policy and law will not be our saving…show more content…
The OECD also showed that United States is ranked 14th overall around the middle of the pack. While our standards are not the lowest we nonetheless maintain one of the highest gaps in ?achievement? among our own students. What is the difference in our systems? The deviation from the highest standard can be found in the popular documentary titled ?Waiting for Superman?, a film that tells a story of the public school system in the United States and how it is failing our children. The film follows several parents who are trying desperately to get their children into some of the best charter schools in hopes that they may secure a better future for them, most of which whom fail, due to a lottery system that is in place for admission, and are left to their demise. [1: PISA, OECD. "Results in Focus: What 15-year-olds know and what they can do with what they know."?2014-12-03]. http:////www, oecd. org/pisa,/keyfindings,/pisa-2012-results-overview,…show more content…
There are benefits and limitations to the methods employed by instructors that equip students with needed learning. A main benefit is that the needed information is more practical in nature that classical. The classical model allowed for a total approach to learning and development. The integration of technology is best implemented in directed learning; processes that give specific learning that directly correlates to application. Soby offers the following insight with the answer that ??educators in Finland think, quite correctly, that schools should teach what young people need in their lives rather than try to bring national test scores back to where they were[footnoteRef:18]. The learning is pushing past the classic model that has become the standard teaching principle of The United States is that of excelling in the standardized achievement testing. Soby does make some revelations that Finnish reforms were not easily obtained. In Finland, education systems often uphold historical traditions, organizational cultures, professional models and accountability arrangements which favor obedience and discourage risk-taking. So, the question on innovation in education turns into a question of the governance of reform.[footnoteRef:19] [18: (S?by, 2015)] [19:
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