Waiting For Superman Rhetorical Analysis

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Have you ever seen innocent kids and disappointed parents crying in front of happy smile of other families? That sad image is usually caught in the lottery of any charter school. Ted Cruz said in School Choice Week “And yet, there are millions of kids in the waiting list for charter school. We should not put our future in the wait list.” The parents choose to put their kids future on the hand of luck because they want the best education for their kids to succeed. The documentary Waiting for Superman stated that our nation public school system was used to be the dream of the world. However, that system remains the same pathway during 20 years when the world surrounding is changing every day. Our student is ranked 25 in the world, but they are the number one in confidence that they are doing the best. In fact, public education system is working on reformation and charter school expansion, which indicates that charter school serve students…show more content…
They would pick the high performing student and avoid weaker students. That is not true. Charter school is basically a public school, which means it opens for public and treats people equally under state law. Charter school enroll all the applicants if there are enough available seats, otherwise lottery is used. In the documentary “Waiting for Superman”, there are a lot of drawing methods, and the probability an applicant gets called is very small. All the principal see is a piece of folded paper, a coding number, a ball etc, not the background information sheet or appearance of the students. The drawing is conducted publicly in front of parents and kids to guarantee the fairness. Random picking really hurts unlucky kids` family since they don`t do anything wrong to not receive the opportunity they deserve. In fact, charter schools need to be expanded to serve all the kids who wish to attend charter school
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