Waiting For The Rain Reflection

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Waiting For The Rain

Envision you get home from another rigorous soccer practice. You go outside and see your younger sibling spontaneously pick up the soccer ball and they have natural knack for it because they have am-bipedal feet so they can free lessons and training. Suddenly, you feel very jealous, you’ve been training, wanted to make the soccer team, and have been playing soccer for as long as you can remember. You're envious and angry since they have a certain trait that they receive more opportunities than you. You can’t help feeling inferior, since they get more lessons and coaching although you are both should get equal opportunities as siblings and passionate athletes. Of course, its all chance, with dedication and hard work you can be better than anyone even if they got the lucky gene. Waiting For The Rain is about Tengo, a black boy, and Frikkie, a white privileged boy. They grow up as
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As a black boy Tengo is unable to go to school since its costly and he lives on a seclusive farm, although his mother teaches him to read and he receives books from his aunt's boss. One day he comes into the main house and hears Sissie, the master’s niece, reading. Sissie reads without stopping, stumbling, guiding her finger, or needing help from her parents. Tengo suddenly felt “very bad, as if he had tasted something bitter,” knowing that Sissie’s much younger than him, but can read considerably better (39). Since Sissie is a white she able to get an education for free, unlike Tengo. Afterwards, Tengo felt depressed, even while he played with his childhood best friend, Frikkie, he doesn't have motivation or spirit to play. He was only half into it, his mind could only hear Sissie’s squeaky voice easily reading the words. For the rest of his life Tengo is always left thinking of this moment, not just the clean words, but how inferior it made him
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