Waiting To Exhale: Film Analysis

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When it comes to films, I feel as if the soundtracks make them what they are. A film in which I feel as if the soundtrack shapes the overall effect of the film is "Waiting to Exhale." Waiting to exhale was a movie about four African American women who were all through different things in their lives from men, their jobs and family. There friendship bonded all of the women together and when they got together the could just exhale everything that they have been holding in this whole time and just be themselves without having to worry about anything else. The musical technique in which I feel they used is connecting the soundtrack to real life situations. The songs used in this film not only connected to real world situations but it also told…show more content…
With lines like "When you 've got friends, to wish you well, You 'll find a point when, You will exhale" this is what the movie was all about. You may go through something but as long you have friends that support you, you can always exhale. This really helped make the soundtrack what it is today. Now, we 've done a lot of talking about the soundtrack and how great it is, but we haven 't talked about the mastermind behind it all. Kenneth Brian Edmonds (Babyface) is the person we have to thank for this greatness. He not only produced this soundtrack but he wrote it as well. Babyface has written and produced more than 26 number 1 and has won 11 Grammys. He started off writing songs to express his feelings but once his father died to lung cancer, he was determined to have a career in music. The name Babyface came from his youthful look. He begin playing keyboard with the group "the Deele" which is where he met his future business partner L.A. Reid. They stayed with this group until about 1988. In 1989 Babyface cofound LaFace Records alongside L.A. Reid. The labels successful artist include Toni Braxton, TLC, and Usher. Both Babyface and A.R. Rahman are surprisingly…show more content…
They both not only write but also produce and have done soundtracks for movies. Although Rahman doesn 't have as many Grammys as the one and only Babyface he has still accomplished more than most artist ever will. I have learned that just because films maybe different, the soundtracks is what makes

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