Waking Up To The American Dream

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The American Dream is the essence of most American Icons today. The “American Dream” is a dream in which people who were nothing and worked with a low paying job became the CEO of a big company because they strived for their success. People think the American dream is being able to own a home or having freedom but, it’s so much more than that. It offers education, and opportunities that anyone can become anything through their hard work and determination for their dream. Although this dream I’m speaking of is sounds so pure and beautiful everyday it gets harder and harder to strive and develop for those dreams by the barriers being put up by society creating Division. In an Article from New York Times called “Waking Up from American Dream” – (GIRIDHARADAS) , it goes in reality talking about the injustice barriers the lower class receives and the advantages within the High Class.…show more content…
The Information within this article is shocking but true. People who are born within rich families or “born with a silver spoon in their mouth”, have so many advantages when going into the work
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