Waknuk: Morally Wrong To Abolish Young Children

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Many children are born into this messed up society of Waknuk, and they must all get normalcy certificates to prove that they are not a mutant. If they are proven to be mutants they will be banished from the society of Waknuk. The people of Waknuk go by the rules that Joseph Strorm has set even though he is not an official leader of Waknuk. Unfortunately, because David is the son of Joseph; he is unable to help Sophie and her family escape society of Waknuk superstitious behaviours. The people of Waknuk are morally wrong to abandon and abolish young children and infants if they are found to have an extra limb, or toe. They are so superstitious about mutations, that families end up turning on each other, even if it 's the smallest thing that won
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