Walden On Wheels Analysis

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Walden on Wheels is about Ken Ilgunas' story of how he acquired a $32,000 in student debt by getting an undergraduate degree and then paid every single penny by living prudently and working at low-paying jobs, which includes stints in Alaska. Ilgunas’ has not so fun college years and ends with a large accumulation of debt. He is able to get a source of income that allows him to get rid of the debt in a short period of time. He gets into different types of work: a tour guide, line cook and janitor, he made a commitment to the idea of hard work as a means of economic turn around and the quest of personal freedom. Years of work that most people wouldn’t consider, he become debt-free, and entered a graduate program.What happens with many young people, he…show more content…
Students that have encountered student debt getting a degree that the market doesn't value would definitely relate to his story. Others will find it amusing as well. There are some heavy, thoughtful philosophical arguments made throughout that will make many question their worth. I liked many part of the story such as when after his hard work and effort he become debt free paying off a $32,000. Which then he had “freedom.” As well as when he used his intelligence and used the tour guide incident with the water splashing on him to get tips off people and raise more money he normally did to pay off his debt. I like the fact that he was brave enough, strong, willing able to give up what many people die for. Only living in his van by himself with no one to talk to but himself. He survived his adventure and now he can have what he wanted from the beginning “freedom” As I did have parts I liked about the book I also had parts that I didn’t like. “It was season of selfishness, or at least that’s how I justified it” ken’s reasoning of breaking apart his relationship with Sami. He said his final Goodbye to
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