Walgreens: A Short Story

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As I walked into the Walgreens, I slammed to a stop. "And what are you doing here" My mom stood next to the cashier, tapping her foot with her arms crossed. She looked mad, but I wasn 't going to give up now. I was in the right, not her. So I stood my ground. "I told you, I just need a couple of things" I growled through my teeth. Mom 's voice got a little louder and a little more intimidating "and I told you that you could wait until tomorrow" "No I can 't" I replied. I didn 't mean to, but I found myself stomping my foot as I said it. I started to walk towards the back of the store, but my mom grabbed my arm. She glared at me with those eyes that I had seen a thousand times. "Don 't walk away from me" "I 'll go where I want!" I sped

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