Walk Essay: The Hardest Walk Is Walking Alone

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The Walk

“The hardest walk is walking alone, but it’s also the walk that makes you the strongest.”

Every day comes and goes as normal but what happens on those days when It takes a bit longer to get through the day. Like if I had a fall out with a close friend or family member and it has ruined my mood. I like to leave and just go a walk. Just the thought of getting outside and not sitting in the house makes me feel better about everything. Just the thought of escape helps me relax getting to know that I don’t need to bottle up my emotions in the house, I can go a walk to relieve some pain and release all the bad emotions I’m feeling. I mean yes this is typical teenager actions to fall out with friends and family and yes, a lot of them might
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I always go the quiet ways wherever I’m going, I’d rather take the quiet dark roads compared to the noisy parts of the street because the quietness helps to sooth my mood.
If I am wanting to walk somewhere specifically to even sit down I will put my music on and I’ll put a king of bouncy song on and will turn the volume right up, so I can walk down the street to the beat of the song. It helps me by taking my mind off the things that are getting to me. As if by magic within about 5 minutes I forget I’m walking, without a care in the world. I would say if you are ever down, get up and go do something it really does help.
The beach is my ideal place to go at night because it’s so relaxing, the cool wind blowing softly while i just walk by admiring the beautifulness of the waves of the water moving up slowly onto the sand. It is also good because I can go there and just walk for miles on end until I feel I am wanting to go home or I could go sit down and just watch the world pass as the tide of the water gets higher and higher, the stars are sparkling brighter than ever and the moon just sits and shines like a million stars in the night

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