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In the book Walk Two Moons one of the many themes that carried throughout the book was acceptance. Some parts of the book show how acceptance is one of the themes. For example, Sal had to learn to accept death, Phoebe had to accept her family changing and all the things that happens thoughout that time, and Sal accepting her father’s relationship with Mrs. Cadaver. For the whole book the author of Walk Two Moons mentions throughout the book about how Sal is starting to accept death. Sal’s first experience with death is when her sister dies in her mom’s womb and isn’t technically born. Sal was devastated and throughout the chapter “The Badlands” she explains how she reacted about the death. In the chapter Sal said,”I asked if I could touch…show more content…
Phoebe first was a spoiled brat and didn 't learn the value of her family members. In the beginning of the book Phoebe insults her mother and says,”I am, I am, I am!” Phoebe shouted at her mother. 'You don 't have to bake things for me, ' she said. 'I 'm too fat. And. besides, you don 't have to wait here for me to come home. I 'm thirteen now.” Phoebe thinks she is mature enough to not appreciate her mother. Phoebe doesn’t know the value of family till later on in the book. Phoebe’s mom leaves and Phoebe goes on a frenzy trying to cope with the loss of her mother in the family. Then when her mom was gone Sal wrote that Phoebe “... wore a fixed expression: a sealed, thin smile. It must have been difficult for her to maintain that smile, because by the time English class came around, her chin was quivering from the strain.” Phoebe tried to ignore the fact her mother left and isn’t really accepting change but she is learning to accept it but not in a healthy way. Phoebe is trying to find why her mother left. Phoebe thinks her mother was kidnapped and is coping her mother’s disappearance by believing in this theory instead of accepting the fact. “She found several suspicious spots and unidentifiable hair strands. Phoebe marked the spots with pieces of adhesive tape and collected the hairs in an envelope”. Then at the end of Phoebe’s story…show more content…
Cadaver’s relationship with each other. At first Sal disliked how her dad liked being with Mrs. Cadaver. She still wasn’t understanding why her dad was with this random lady and is enjoying being with her. Sal didn’t want to know how her dad and Mrs. Cadaver knew each other, and hated to have dinner with her dad and Mrs. Cadaver. Also Phoebe made Sal believe Mrs. Cadaver killed her husband, how her voice sounded like dead leaves, and how her hair was wild. Sal believed this with all of her heart and made her dislike Mrs. Cadaver the most she has ever hated someone before. Then at the end of the book Sal talks to Mrs. Cadaver about her mother. Mrs. Cadaver tells Sal everything. When Sal finds out she finally understands why her dad and Mrs. Cadaver have a special kind of relationship. Sal asks,” 'Do you love him? ' I had asked Mrs. Cadaver. 'Are you going to marry him? ' “ She understands and accepts their relationship. Her father and Mrs. Cadaver are just friends but Sal understands their relationship might grow into something even more. Sal learns to accept everything her father went through with Mrs. Cadaver. As a result of everything I wrote, I feel that acceptance is one of the major themes throughout the book Walk Two Moons. The author put many clues in the text of the book to support this theme. In all, the author,Sharon Creech, wrote this book to support many themes and I feel she wanted

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