Walk Two Moon Character Analysis

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George Bemard Shaw once said, “We are all dependent on one another, every soul of on on Earth.” This incredibly true for the character Sal. She dependent on many people to know how to feel and do. This also relates on how she always depends on people she knows very well. In the book Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech, the external forces change Sal’s life dramatically. One of the external forces that made Sal dramatically change is when her mom leaves her to go to Lewiston, Idaho, which allows her to feel her own feelings instead of her mom 's feelings. While Sal lived in Bybanks with her mom and dad, she always was like a mirror to her mom. When her mom was angry she was angry and so on. However, when her mom left this made her feel numb, she didn 't know how to feel for a couple a days, until she could finally feel her own feeling when she found herself looking at a baby cow. Sal says, “When mother had been there, I was like a mirror. If she was sad, I was sad. For the first few days, I felt numb non-feeling. I didn’t know how to feel. I would find myself looking around for her, to see what I might want to feel. One day, about two weeks after she had left, I was standing against the fence watching a newborn calf wobble on its thin legs. It tripped and wobbled and swung it’s big head in my direction and gave me a sweet, loving look. ‘Oh’ I thought. ‘ I am happy at this moment in time,’” (page 35). This is a girl, who in the past, used to feel whatever her mom felt. However,
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