Walk Two Moon Characters

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Mary Engelbreit once said, “If you don’t like something change it; If you can’t change it; Change the way you think about it.” This quote is a strong connection with Sal, when she grew up she had tons of external forces that caused her to think about things in a different way than before. She never really knew how to feel sometimes because she didn’t know how they would turn out. Sal couldn’t just change her problems, but she could change the way she looked at them. In the book Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech, external forces greatly impact Sal’s life growing up.

One of the most significant external forces that causes Sal to change is when her mother leaves because it affects the way she feels. When Sal’s mother is around she feels
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When Sal’s father leaves to go find out who the only survivor was in her mother’s bus crash, it turns out that the only survivor is Mrs.Cadaver. After her father meets Mrs.Cadaver, they start to bond over Sal’s mother. This leads her father to get closer to Mrs.Cadaver, which causes Sal to believe that her father is forgetting about her mother and focusing more on Mrs.Cadaver. Sal says, “I hoped Mr.Birkway was in love with Margaret Cadaver and would marry her and take her away so that my father and I could go back to Bybanks,” (page 116). Sal wonders if Mr.Birkway will take Mr.Cadaver away then everything will go back to normal. However, the day that Mr.Cadaver told her how her and her father met, Sal figured that Mr.Cadaver wasn’t a bad person that she wanted to get rid of anymore. Sal didn’t want to believe Margaret Cadaver, until she saw the bus along side the overlook in Coeur d’Alene. She realized that the only reason why Margaret hung out with her father was because they were close friends that connected with her mother. Sal believes that Margaret is not the crazy person that she thought of as before because she now knows that she was a big help to her family. This is a significant external force that changes Sal’s life growing
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