Walk Two Moon Theme

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“Oh Sal,” my father said. “Come on. There’s Margaret.”(pg. 2) In the book Walk Two Moons, Sal goes on an adventure with her Gram and Gramps to Lewiston, Idaho where they intend to find Sal’s mother and bring her back to Bybanks, Kentucky where they used to live before moving to Euclid, Ohio, so that life could be back to normal, but along the way, Sal tells Gram and Gramps a story about her friend Phoebe Winterbottom, but as she is telling Phoebe’s story, she uncovers another story. Her own. What I am hear to talk about is the theme in Walk Two Moons. I think the theme in Walk Two Moons is “Don’t judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins.”(pgs. 47 and 53). Below are a few reasons why I believe this. The first reason I think that the theme in Walk Two Moons is, “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins,” is because, when Sal and her father first moved to Euclid, Ohio, Sal’s father really wanted…show more content…
On page 2, it says: “Don’t be a goose. Come and see Margaret.” I did not want to see Margaret.” Reading this leads me to believe that Sal does not want to see or meet Margaret Cadaver. Later in the book, on page 241, it says: “With the courage of that spit in me, I went to see Margaret Cadaver, and we had a long talk, and that’s when I found out how she met my father. It was painful to talk with her, and I even cried in front of her, but afterward I understood why my father liked to be with her.” This quote leads me to believe that Sal wanted to know how Margaret Cadaver and her father met and it was sad leashing how they met. A few pages later, in chapter 43, it says: “Mrs. Cadaver was sitting next to my mother,” I said. “Oh.” “They we’re strangers to each other when they got on that bus, but by the time they got off, six days later, they were friends. My mother told Mrs. Cadaver all about me and my father and our farm in Bybanks.” Reading
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